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realm spooky dooky bags

we teamed up with realm to bring back our dookie bag collab with halloweenie spirit!

this black doody bag holder features a neon orange jack o lantern face, neon orange zipper pull, and woven neon pink trash day nylon webbing! it also...

  • fits and comes pre-loaded with 2 standard size rolls of doo-doo bags (so you're never caught empty-handed)
  • allows for easy bag retrieval + re-loading via a large eyelet
  • includes a mini zipper pouch on the back for treats or other doo-hickies
  • will fastens onto any leash/backpack with a carabiner or clip of your choice! (we'll include a star-shaped one to get you started)

measures approx. 3.25" x 3.5" x 1.5" when bags are inside

embroidered, cut, and sewn by realm in florida