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custom airbrushing FAQs

how much do custom airbrushed pieces cost?
it depends on a few factors!

  • the degree of customization! i.e. is the imagery you want on your garment something i already do?* if so, great! that’s easy and it will be cheaper! is the imagery you want something i’ve never airbrushed before? that’s going to cost you extra (and might not be doable--you’ve been warned!)
  • the number of colors! the more colors you want, the more time it will take me to swap out colors, and therefore the price will be higher to cover my time.
  • the amount of coverage! do you want 1 thing on the front? small things all over? 100% total coverage? the more i airbrush, the higher the price. (in general, prices start at $100 and go up to $500!)

*PLEASE NOTE! starting 8/1/20 i will NOT do the following:

  • human portraits (even caricatures)
  • other people's artwork (this includes cartoons, anime, etc.)
  • any recreations/replicas of garments made for celebrities (including but not limited to post malone, tyla yaweh, etc.)

do you supply the clothes or can i give you a garment i already own?
you will supply the garment! if you just want a white tee, sometimes we have men’s white hanes tees lying around in small-3XL, but in general we prefer for the client to supply the garment so we know you like its fit!

how long will it take to get a custom piece?
in general, turnaround time is 3-4 weeks from the time i receive the garment! on occasion we can accommodate a rush client, but there will be an additional charge! during covid, turnaround time is closer to 4-6 weeks.

can i wash my airbrushed garment?
it depends on the garment! we always try to include care instructions in each item description.

we sell a lot of different types of airbrushed pieces on the site, so look at the care instructions for the garment itself! i.e. if it’s a dry clean only silk blouse, you should dry clean it! if it’s polyester and shouldn’t go in the dryer on high, then please don’t put it in the dryer on high, etc! when in doubt, DRY CLEAN ONLY! or better yet, shoot us an email

for tees, we just recommend washing cold in your machine, inside out. delicates cycle is cool but not necessary! handwashing isn’t necessary.
for more unique, densely airbrushed pieces & custom pieces, dry cleaning is recommended to preserve the integrity of the artwork and colors over time.

how do i order a custom airbrushed piece?
e-mail with:

  • a description of the piece you want and some screenshots from my instagram/portfolio site/the gentle thrills site of the imagery you like
  • a pic of the garment if you have it
  • reference photos for the design as needed
  • your budget.

i’d recommend describing your dream piece, and we can go from there to get it down to the price you want/my actual feasibility! i’ll get back to you within 48 hours.