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can you custom airbrush something for me?
unfortunately we are not taking on custom work at this time!


do you offer free shipping?

sometimes during promotions or sale weekends, yes! but mostly no--we always have to pay for shipping even if you don't and therefore lose money!


why is international shipping so expensive?
it just is! we're very sorry that international shipping isn't more affordable. we do not set the rates, the mail carriers do in order to cover the labor and cost of delivering your items to you. if there is ever a large difference between the rate you paid and the actual final cost of the label, we will refund you the difference.


do you ship to the UK?
sorry but we are not currently shipping to the UK due to brexit!


how do i wash this thing i bought?
it depends on the garment! we always try to include care instructions in each item description on the product listing, or on the product itself.


please look at the care instructions for the garment itself, and otherwise follow best practices. if it’s a dry clean only material like silk or wool, you should absolutely dry clean it! if it’s polyester and shouldn’t go in the dryer on high, then please don’t put it in the dryer on high, etc! when in doubt, DRY CLEAN ONLY! or better yet, shoot us an email.


for tees and sweatshirts, we just recommend washing cold in your machine, inside out. delicates cycle is cool but not necessary! handwashing generally isn’t necessary.

for more unique, densely airbrushed pieces & custom pieces, dry cleaning is recommended to preserve the integrity of the artwork and colors over time.


can you fix or replace a missing wiggle eye?!

while we always follow best practices for adhesion, accidents happen and wiggle eyes are fragile! please contact us for a small tube of glue and a replacement eye if you find yourself missing one!


do you have a physical store?
not yet, but we are working on setting up a showroom in LA where you can book a shopping appointment!


do you wholesale?

yes we do! please e-mail to see if you qualify for wholesale pricing!


what is your return policy?

see here!


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