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read isa's journals 👀

in 2018 isa started her first travel journal on a trip to portland, oregon.


5 years and 9 journals later, she is finally making these personal journal entries available for public viewing exclusively through patreon!


for only $5 a month, you will get special access every 2 weeks to posts showing 8-12 pages of these journal entries, which are full of both drawings as well as writing.


in addition to the scans of full journal spreads, you will also receive an annotated transcript of each entry, with links & travel recommendations where applicable.


and as a bonus when you sign up, you'll receive a thorough materials list of all the tools she loves to use!


your monthly support of isa's patreon is immensely appreciated!


when you sign up you are helping isa focus on getting back to her first love: drawing!