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airbrushed pet portrait tee

this listing is a pre-order for a custom airbrushed pet portrait tee!

after ordering, please email the following to within 48 hours:

  • your pet's name
  • your preferred tee size or if you will be mailing in your own light-color blank 
  • 2-5 images of your pet
  • anything about your pet's personality/background story you feel like sharing (helps ~inspire~ me)

this portrait will be of 1 pet. i am happy to airbrush any pet: dogs, cats, frogs, pigs, alpacas, raccoons, cows, ferrets, rats, fish, lizards, tortoises, stick bugs, etc. as long as you send me a good picture!

art direction will be dealer's choice (mine!)

shirts will ship 2-4 weeks after ordering

if you purchased other items along with this tee, they will be included with the tee when it ships!