beginner's guide to airbrushing booklet

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  • beginner's guide to airbrushing booklet
  • beginner's guide to airbrushing booklet

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a thorough yet concise spiral-bound risograph booklet that outlines how to get started airbrushing! includes:

  • a brief history of airbrushing
  • info on how pens and compressors work
  • which brands are great
  • some practice exercises
  • a troubleshooting guide
  • a list of isa's favorite resources!
  • practice sheets
  • FREE bonus iwata materials
  • a small bit of jacquard paint
  • a gentle thrills pencil
  • a blank tote to experiment on!

printed by the printed pony in los angeles, ca

note: this book is risograph printed and some transfer of ink will occur as you thumb through the pages! don't be afraid to get a lil paint on ya!

book is 8" x 8", packaged in an 11x17 goodie bag!

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