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2nd edition tarot pre-order

the gentle thrills tarot: 2nd edition

pre-order now for special discounted pricing!

originally painted during quarantine in 2020, reissued for 2021 with:

* vibrant, glossy, lidded box for storage in a NEW COLORWAY
* NEW RED tarotée (tartan) card backs
* this is a FULL tarot deck! (see the 3rd pic) it includes 78 full-color double-sided cards
* cards measure a generous 3.5" x 5.75" 

* 21 major arcana cards + the fool
* ace, 2 through 10 + full court for each suit: wands, cups, swords, & pentacles
* included inside each boxed deck is abeginner-friendly 48-page color booklet that explains the structure of the deck, simple upright & reversed meanings of each card, and astrological counterparts for each card


    1. pre-order will close friday, 6/4 @ 11:59 p.m.
    2. production will begin early/mid-june
    3. shipments will go out end of july/early august barring any major manufacturing delays!

    please note: if you order other items, they will ship now & your deck will ship later :-)